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You can breathe enough by a wind only!



    • 27.03.2017  Elected a new Board member of the RAWI.  Redkin Andrey Pavlovich, General Director of "Ulyanovsk Center for Transfer of Technologies" LLC, member of RAWI was elected a new member of the Board of the

  • 24.03.2017  RAWI takes part in the Energy Transition Dialogue’2017 in Berlin.  The Russian Association of the Wind Industry, at the invitation of the organizers, took part in the Energy Transition Dialogue’2017, held in Berlin from March
  • 24.03.2017  The governor of the Ulyanovsk region to increase wind generation in the region to 1 GW.  The Ulyanovsk region, where a project for the construction of a wind farm with a capacity of 35 megawatts is being implemented jointly with Rusnano,
  • 24.03.2017  The competitive selection of RES projects for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be held from May 29 to June 9, 2017  Moscow. March 10, 2017. In accordance with the Rules of the Wholesale Electricity and Capacity Market, competitive selection of investment projects for the construction of
  • 24.03.2017  25-27.04.17 . Seminar “Wind turbines: Operation, Maintenance, Safety”  Seminar “Wind turbines: Operation, Maintenance, Safety” Location: Simferopol, Republic of Crimea. Date: April 25-27, 2017 Objective: To provide participants with knowledge and skills in the
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    RAWI members are the market leaders, directly influencing its development. These are global manufacturers of wind turbines, the leading Russian power engineering companies, international and domestic construction, consulting and development companies, diplomatic organizations and scientific – research institutions.

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      • For OEMs  Contacts with market participants, really able to become partners in the localization of components. Current information on the situation and the market players. Facilitating access

  • For designers  Search for partners for the sale of licenses for the production of wind turbines, or to create a joint venture. Recommendations industrial enterprises to provide
  • For consulting companies  Information on the current situation in the market. Assistance in establishing contacts with the major players in the market. Help in finding local partners in
  • For EPC  Information about the competition of market participants. Access to decision-makers at wind park projects. Search the Russian-speaking staff experienced. Support and upgrade registry of wind
  • For investors  Information about the market situation. Advising in the selection of the region. Familiarization with the main players in the market on the decision-maker level. Search
  • Members

    GE (ООО “ДжиИ Рус”)
    GE (ООО “ДжиИ Рус”)
    Vestas Central Europe
    Vestas Central Europe
    Gamesa Eolica
    Gamesa Eolica
    ОАО «Фортум»
    ОАО «Фортум»
    ООО «Фурлендер Виндтехнолоджи»
    ООО «Фурлендер Виндтехнолоджи»
    ОАО “Силовые Машины”
    ОАО “Силовые Машины”
    ЗАО «Уральский турбинный завод»
    ЗАО «Уральский турбинный завод»
    aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH
    aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH



  • Bryzgunov Igor

    Bryzgunov Igor

    RAWI Founder. In the wind power business since 1999. He has extensive experience in various areas of the wind energy business - from the organization of design and manufacturing of wind turbines to the wind farm development, expertise in the field of localization of production of wind turbine components multi-megawatt class.

    RAWI Chairman

  • Eroshin Yuri

    Eroshin Yuri

    Is the head of the unit responsible for strategic development in the field of renewable energy. The presence of Yuri Alexandrovich at RAWI board allows us to make a significant contribution to the development of wind power in Russia, including to bring international experience in the implementation of renewable energy projects

    Vice President of Production portfolio management and trading of JSC "Fortum"

  • Redkin Andrey

    Redkin Andrey

    Highly qualified specialist in the field of commercial activities, implementation of start-up projects, has the experience of creating innovative companies, has a high degree of responsibility, knowledge in the field of economics and finance, marketing and sales. Experience in building a partnership network, launching new products on the market. Understanding the market for innovative projects, start-ups and venture financial institutions. Has a significant experience in project management. Fluent in English, Spanish, German - at a basic level. He is a member of the Board of the Association of Clusters and Technoparks and a member of the Board of Directors of OA "POEZ Ulyanovsk". Come across suitable ssan dobs here https://prvtzone.ws/forums/enroll-accounts-ssn-dob-paypal-etc.70/ at once. The company is working to create the production of components for wind turbines in the region and also the development of wind parks.

    General Director of "Ulyanovsk Center for Transfer of Technologies" LLC, member of RAWI was elected a new member of the Board of the Association

  • Ilya Gordeyev

    Ilya Gordeyev

    Actively working in the domestic wind power market since 2008. To the wind power has come from big business. Provides Development Network wind farm projects with a total installed capacity of over 1 GW in various regions of Russia. He has made a great contribution to the establishment of a project management system construction of WPP. Chairman of the Board "Wind Energy Systems" LLC

  • Paul Logchies

    Paul Logchies

    He graduated in 1984 Pacific Western University, where he received a doctorate in international business management. Works since 2001 in the wind industry in various European countries, in the Russian wind power - since 2007

    Director General of OOO WINDLIFE KOLA VETRO LL1

  • Gorelyi Konstantin

    Gorelyi Konstantin

    He has extensive experience in management and organization of production. With his direct participation in 2014 in the territory of the Smolensk region, a project to create a composite cluster of Smolensk, as well as with the support of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, is building the Industrial Park Safonovo.General Director of JSC "Avangard"

  • Smurov Igor

    Smurov Igor

    A graduate of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of MGIMO. He has extensive experience in investment and financial sphere. He began his career at Price Waterhouse, later got a solid experience in the division M & A Commerzbank AG,

    Partner, Member of the Board OOO "RusVEU"

  • Kuznetsov Vladimir

    Kuznetsov Vladimir

    Kuznetsov V., is the author of the "Guidelines for the implementation of standards" of safety rules when working at height ", reduce injuries from falls from a height when working on electric installations".

    In 2015, for the development of innovative techniques to ensure the safety when working at height and actively participate in implementation of new regulations on labor protection when working at height (approved by Order of the MT and NW from 28.03.2014, № 155n) in the Republic of Crimea , awarded the title of academician of the Engineering Academy of Kazakhstan.

    Head of ANO DPO "Crimean training center for climbers"

  • Viktor Yelistratov

    Viktor Yelistratov

    Director of the SEC "Renewable energy sources and install them on the basis of" Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Chairman of the Scientific Council on the problems of renewable energy center of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, Vice-Chairman of the STC RAWI. He is one of the most respected experts in the renewable energy sector with a worldwide reputation

    Professor, Honored Power Engineer of the Russian Federation

  • Zagudaev Vitaliy

    Zagudaev Vitaliy

    He is the director of the first and still the only enterprise in the territory of the former Soviet Union - "Furlender Vindtehnolodzhi" LLC, producing modern wind turbines of multi - megawatt class, and implements the installation, start-up and further maintenance and service.

    Director of "Furlender Vindtehnolodzhi" LLC.

  • Kashchenko Vladimir

    Kashchenko Vladimir

    Vladimir Anatolievich has extensive experience in developing large projects in power engineering. Under the leadership of Vladimir Anatolievich was laid the foundation of wind power business шт State Nuclear Company Rosatom. Awards: Badge "Academician Kurchatov» IV degree, Badge "EP Slavskii "(the highest award of the Russian nuclear industry)

    Head RES direction CJSC "ROTEK"

  • Zatynayko Vladimir

    Zatynayko Vladimir

    Collaborates with RAWI since 2011. He contributes to the development of Wind Power Industry of the Russian Federation through the development of professional exhibitions, one of which is an annual international forum on energy efficiency and conservation ENES. He has extensive business ties in the energy sector.

    Director General of JSC "Exhibition pavilion" Electrification "

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  • Wind power in Russia - 2016. The dualism in the market.
    Wind power is the most resource intensive and the most investment attractive market of all renewable energies. The wind industry has developed a global infrastructure.
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  • 25-27.04.17 . Seminar “Wind turbines: Operation, Maintenance, Safety”
    Seminar “Wind turbines: Operation, Maintenance, Safety” Location: Simferopol, Republic of Crimea. Date: April 25-27, 2017 Objective: To provide participants with knowledge and skills in the
  • To touch better than to watch
    Wind power in Russia is developing and we need to get acquainted closer with examples of the construction of wind farms and wind turbine installation,
  • Summary of the IX Annual RAWI Conference
    The IX Annual RAWI Conference, which took place on the 2nd of December 2016 at the “Pavilion of Electrification” at the VDNKH, may well go
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